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Many wikis have a "sandbox," or place to try out editing and posting material that isn't part of the official wiki. Wikipedia has a sandbox, and you might want to try it out before making actual edits. WARNING: this page is subject to vandalism and abuse, even more so than the rest of the site. Be prepared for foul language, etc.


I don't know how well it will work for us all to try and edit the same page, so I have created a sandbox for everyone in the class on this wiki (not on Wikipedia). Click on your own name below, start a new page (if you have to log in the password is rencult) and do whatever you want. There is a link to Style Help in the sidebar for help with formatting, links etc.


Try simple formatting (bold, italic, lists), try links to existing pages on this wiki or to new pages on this wiki, try external links, etc. PBWiki style isn't exactly like Wikipedia, but you'll get the idea.


Write whatever you want. Remember that we will all read it. If you write stuff that is obnoxious and obscene, we will think that you are obnoxious and obscene. And throw stuff at you.



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